Posted by: urbanadventurertales | August 31, 2009

Definitely not the suburbs!

A key characteristic of our new community is the architecture.  Most homes are brick, some are stone/brick combo, and very few are wood or siding. But all are long, skinny, and close together.

There are four main styles of housing in the area.  The first style is a two-flat or three-flat.   It usually has an apartment on the first floor, an apartment on the second floor (and third floor if it’s a three-flat), and occasionally a smaller apartment on the “garden” level.  Since most of the first floors are raised about 10 feet above street level, it allows for  a half-window in the basement for the garden apartments.  We live in the first floor of a two flat.  (This picture is not of our building, though).

The second style is a six-flat.  It usually has 3 apartments on each side of the building with a common entrance that they share.  Sometimes they have garden level apartments as well.

The third style is the courtyard buildings.  These buildings house many different apartments and are usually three stories high.  They share a common courtyard and then have 5-6 separate entrances for the different sections of the building.

And finally, they DO have single family homes!  An architectural characteristic of the single family homes, however, is that the first floor is usually built up several feet off of street level.  This particular home is owned by our nice Ecuadorian neighbor who we share a garage with.

Stay tuned tomorrow and I’ll discuss more about our home and why we chose it.


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