Posted by: urbanadventurertales | September 1, 2009

Our charming abode

After looking at about 10 different apartments in the area, we ended up choosing this first floor apartment in a two-flat building.

We had toured some courtyard buildings and a few other two/three flats.    The courtyard buildings were a hassle to get into.  You have to walk through a locked gate in the courtyard, then through another locked doorway, and finally climb 3 flights of stairs to the apartment (at least the one we saw was on the third floor).  I couldn’t imagine doing that with two little ones in tow!  The fact that our building was on the first floor was a MAJOR bonus in my mind!

Another reason we love our apartment is that it has a fenced-in back yard. 

I did some major weeding yesterday (hence the presence of the dumpster).  I’m already dreaming of the spring and planting flowers, tomato plants, and having my mother-in-law bring hanging baskets from Amish country to hang by the garage.  I am going to plant my tulip bulbs in a few weeks.

Most of the building we toured were old and not newly renovated.  As soon as you walk in the back entrance of our apartment, you’re in this brightly-lit sun room.  It is directly off of the kitchen and can be used year-round.  I has 5 windows and overlooks the backyard.

It already has nice tile floors that continue into the kitchen.

I added these curtains from World Market.

I still want to put a bistro set out here for eating, along with some stringed lights.  *Confession- right now it still has boxes, brooms, a Swiffer, and computer monitor in it.

Most of the kitchens we toured had not been renovated, or had been patchy at best.  Many of them had the refrigerators jutting out in the middle of the room or partially blocking a walk-way.  We immediately liked the fact that this refrigerator was built into the wall.

Though the appliances aren’t new, they work well and I really enjoy having a side by side fridge instead of a top/bottom one.

It’s definitely been an adjustment to have minimal counter and cabinet space and no dishwasher!  But we’re making due.  We still want to purchase a portable island which will fit underneath the microwave stand.

The window to the left looks out on the 3-season porch.

We also really like the backsplash.  It made the kitchen stand out over others we’d seen.

Our bathroom has also been renovated, but I haven’t taken pictures of it (aren’t you glad!?)  We have two small bedrooms, and limited closet space which has also been an adjustment.  But we love having such a large, open living/dining room.   The doorway to the right is our office, which is full of boxes still!

This is the view of the living/dining room when standing in the office.  Our bedroom is off of the dining room to the left.  The hallway leads to the kitchen and the boys’ room to the left and bathroom is to the right.

And I can’t express enough how much I love having wood floors!  It feels so much cleaner than carpet and is so easy to take care of!



  1. The paranoid mom in me is hoping that the microwave stand in the kitchen is securely fastened to the wall! Please, please tell me it is! Love your blog! I redesigned mine and am still working on the details….and being more regular! Lovies to you!

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