Posted by: urbanadventurertales | September 8, 2009

Downtown adventures

We all decided to head downtown yesterday to do some window shopping and eat some pizza.  We stumbled upon a lovely little park in the middle of high-rises.

I’m noticing that whenever we are at a park, M is always very interested in meeting the other children.

This little girl appreciated his gift offering of sticks and dirt.

L, on the other hand is always ready to try out the new playground equipment!  He is quite adventurous!

Keeps me on my toes!!

After the park, we headed to a pizza restaurant.  It’s becoming more and more difficult to keep the boys entertained while waiting for our food.  We tried crayons, but they kept eating them instead of coloring.  Ultimately, they were more interested in ripping the paper table cloth.

Between the chewed up crayons, pizza, water, and torn paper, our table was quite the sight at the end of the evening.  I always try my best to tidy up before we leave.  But the Chef left our poor waitress a nice tip as well.

If you haven’t taken the poll yet, please take a minute to vote!  I want to hear your opinions/feedback!  It’s posted two below this one.



  1. Hey…spalshing your cup around and eating crayons…WHAT COULD MAKE A BETTER DAY in the eyes of a child?

    Absolutely nothing.

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