Posted by: urbanadventurertales | September 11, 2009

The orchard and the beach! What a day!

We just got back from a little mini-getaway to my home town.  I met a good friend from Indianapolis there and her daughter, N.  Her daughter is about a year older than the boys and we lived on the same block before we moved to Chicago.  She’s a dear friend and we enjoyed catching up and watching the kids enjoy being together again.

This morning, we took them to an apple orchard and let them run around and pick up apples off the ground to eat.

They had delicious honey-crisp apples that were so yummy, juicy, and crunchy!  This will not be the last time I visit the orchard this season!

hollysphotos24 005

Our attempt at getting all three to sit for a picture…

hollysphotos24 012

I love these pic of N.  She has the most contageous smile!  My boys adore her!

hollysphotos24 009

hollysphotos24 008

hollysphotos24 002

And a few of N with her gorgeous mama!

hollysphotos24 016

hollysphotos24 017

And here’s one of M.

hollysphotos24 003

After naps and lunch, we took the little ones to the beach.  L spent the majority of the time shoving handfuls of sand in his mouth and I spent the majority of the time trying to get him to stop.  But in between, we managed to get a few cute shots.

hollysphotos24 022

hollysphotos24 026

hollysphotos24 025

hollysphotos24 023

Another attempt at getting the three of them to sit still for a picture…

hollysphotos24 029

hollysphotos24 030

L lost his pants by the end of our time at the beach.  They were water/sand-logged and too heavy to stay up on his little waist.

hollysphotos24 027



  1. Thats a funny way to tell about your time at the beach….such a true depiction of how things go when you have kiddos along!

  2. we had so much fun and Noura was really sad when we left! Let’s do it again sometime!!

  3. Did you go to Garwoods? We are planning to head there next weekend. I wondered if the apples were good yet!

  4. Yes! The honeycrisp are in season right now as well as Gala. They are very good!

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