Posted by: urbanadventurertales | September 13, 2009

They bring out the best in me

My college friends and I just celebrated our 10th year of friendship tonight (along with one of our 29th birthdays!)

hollysphotos26 005

We laughed, cried, reminisced, filled our stomachs with good food, and our hearts with each other.  No other group of women have seen me through some of the best and hardest times in my life.  As a group, we’ve been through family deaths, divorces, marriages, births, graduations, moves, job changes, break-ups, make-ups, struggles, and joy.  We commented tonight that it’s remarkable that though our lives are situationally in very different places right now, we remain as close-knit as ever.

Last year we got together for a mini-reunion.


After we left, the Chef commented to me about how he’s never been around another group of women that were so genuinely happy for one another.  He said that we never seem to feel threatened by each other or competitive or envious.  We are able to truly rejoice and mourn together and be present with one another.  In fact, sometimes we can get a bit toooo intense!  🙂

These are some of the best women you’ll ever meet.

“The Mother”

Always the care-taker, leader, strong, yet vulnerable, fun, out-doorsy, kind, and loving…she is the mother of the group in the best sense of the word.  I love her dearly for her sensitivity to others, her insight into the world around her, her quick humor, and willingness to laugh at herself.


“The Actress”

Oh the stories she tells and the way she tells them!  Nothing can entertain me more!  But beyond the dramatic flare, lies an incredible heart for the Lord, love for others, fierce loyalty to those she loves, depth in empathy, and wisdom.  She has the ability to be truly present and intentional with people in a way that you rarely see in others.


“La Tia”

By the looks of her, who would guess this woman speaks Spanish fluently…to the point she can hear someone speak and detect which Latin American country they are from!  Her sweetness, strength, loyalty, and ability to make just about anyone feel loved and important are just a few of my favorite things about my Tia.  And I’m so proud that my children will call her this.


“The (un)official Counselor”

In college, while all of us were getting our degrees in the Social Work/Counseling field, she was stuck in the computer lab getting her Comp Sci degree.  But she heard us talk about our classes so much, she should have been given an extra degree in counseling when she was done with school!  She is kind, laid back, sweet, nurturing, thoughtful, and a servant in the truest sense of the word.  Her selflessness amazes me at times.


How blessed I am to call them my friends, my sisters.  I thank God for bringing us together when we were young ladies and growing us into women together.  I look forward to seeing what the next 10 years brings us all!




  1. Great reflection on your friends-I highly recommend reading ‘The girls from Ames’-the story of a 40 year friendship.

  2. So nice to hear you talk about your friends so highly. They all seem so sweet and so different! There is something so special about a group of friends who can just pick up where they left off!

  3. The “actress” loved the review!! Thanks Holls for writing such thoughtful and meaningful things about all of us and our relationship together.

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