Posted by: urbanadventurertales | September 15, 2009

Product Review: Target Diapers

When the boys were tiny babies, they leaked through everything except Huggies diapers.  Once they became more mobile, I was able to switch to CVS brand, but was still spending about $60-70 a month on them.

Thank the heavens I found Target diapers!  They run big, so up until recently, they were able to wear a size 3.  The size 3 diapers come in packs of 96 for $13.99.  Size 4 is 82 diapers for $13.99.  I am able to basically go through about 2.5 boxes a month of size 4.

hollysphotos27 001

PLUS, they come in such a cute design!

hollysphotos27 002

I’d rate them a 7 out of 10 because the boys do occasionally leak through them and I don’t think they are probably the most comfortable diaper (compared to Pampers).  But the design and the price are just right!



  1. Thanks for stopping by my Trenches! You have beautiful baby boys!

  2. The pattern is cute!!
    I have used Target brand too and i like them.
    We use parents choice (walmart brand) they seem to be about the same price, maybe a tad cheaper.

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