Posted by: urbanadventurertales | September 17, 2009

Deep dish chicken veggie pizza

This is an original creation by the Chef.  And OH MY WORD was it good!  Hang on, I gotta go get myself some leftovers…

Okay, I’m back!

hollysphotos28 001

So, he starts with making a crust.  He mixes flour, oil, water, honey, salt, and a little baking powder together.  He then puts it in a deep dish pan and puts it in the toaster oven at 350 degrees.

He then sautees onions and zucchini together until slightly tender.  He thin slices tomatoes.  (We also roasted a chicken earlier at 350 for 1.5 hrs. and let it cool and then shredded up the chicken- but this is optional.  You could use any kind of meat or no meat at all).

He then combines a few different kinds of cheese.  We used cheddar, mozzarella, and queso blanco.  But you could use ricotta, monterey jack, or provolone.  Really whatever you have on hand (not velvetta- this is a nasty cheese that should cease production in my opinion).

hollysphotos28 002

He then removes the crust from the oven and layers the onions and zucchini first, chicken second, sliced tomatoes third, and finally the cheese on top.  He places back in the oven and bakes for another 15 minutes.

He topped it with some basil and parmesan at the end.  And it is mouth watering!

hollysphotos28 003



  1. i srsly miss real food.. Thats secretly the only reason I came over so much

  2. Mmm that looks and sounds yummy!

  3. Gosh that looks good

  4. Oohh.. I’m hungry for my “second” dinner! (Give me a break I am pregnant!) 🙂 On a side note… I am looking for a recipe for a French Toast Casserole that I can freeze ahead of time. Has the cook ever tried that with his stuffed french toast? I need something I can make now and then take with us for our celebration meal at the Birth Center when baby arrives. I saw somewhere where a lady used egg nog instead of egg mixture to dip the bread in. Hmmm… can’t decide if that would be good or not and if it would freeze well. Just curious if he had any suggestions. Thanks! a

  5. The Chef has used egg nog as a french toast mixture before, but just used regular eggs for his stuffed french toast. His stuffed french toast uses bananas as the stuffing, but I think it would freeze better if you used apples. I think you could probably make the french toast and then put a layer of fried apples (mix butter, apples, cinnamon, and sugar and sautee) and then put another layer of bread on top. I’m guessing you could freeze that and it would be good if you heated it up in the oven?

  6. Pizza looks sooo good; I love creating in the kitchen!

  7. Oh my!! That looks delicious!!

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