Posted by: urbanadventurertales | September 18, 2009

My first photos…

Alright, so bear with me…this is my first attempt at using my Nikon D40.  I am still playing around with the best settings to use.  Here’s a few of my favorites from the day.

We met our friends at the park and I got a few cute shots of them playing.  This is my favorite of the boys up on the playground:


I also like the composition of this next picture of L and his sippy cup:


Here’s a couple of the boys’ friend J:



Normally, I think my twins look pretty different.  But in these next two shots, I can see how similar their expressions can make them look:


I would LOVE some constructive criticism from all you photographers out there!  I used an 18-55 mm lens and I don’t have any photo editing equipment, so these are just uploaded directly from the camera.

Stay tuned tomorrow for some cute pictures of the boys playing with our neighbors in the back yard.



  1. They are just soooo handsome, love the facial expressions.
    And i love the new pics with your new camera. I bet you will have so much fun taking pics now

    And sorry but i have no constructive criticism, i only know how to basically turn a camera on and snap a picture. lol

  2. I had to come over and see your twins after reading the comment you left on my blog. Oh my goodness – they are such cuties!!! And your pictures look great too, hope you’re enjoying the new camera!

  3. Great pictures! The boys are so incredibly cute too. You did a good job with your first try. Keep taking pictures!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, come by again.

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