Posted by: urbanadventurertales | September 21, 2009

The Canals

I had to go to Indy this weekend to wrap up some business details.  We had a few free hours on Sunday afternoon and I took the boys to one of our favorite spots:  The Canals.



I have some of the most wonderful memories of times spent at these canals.  This is where the Chef proposed after an elaborate all-day scavenger hunt, this is where I would ride my bike for many summer months, this is where we took our brand-new twin boys for our first family walk, and this is where I would take them as they grew to feed the ducks and explore. 


The Canal stretches for more than a mile and has many beautiful fountains and landscaped areas.  My favorite is this area by an old church.


I love the rustic look of the fountain against the brick of the church.  The boys had fun climbing up and down the stairs of the bridge.


M decided it was funny to put a rock in his mouth…


And L chewed on a stick…






  1. That looks like such a fun place! Beautiful pics!!

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