Posted by: urbanadventurertales | September 24, 2009

That special bond…

Lately, the boys have been communicating with one another and playing together more and more.  In fact, earlier today, M actually used real words to communicate with L!  They have a riding truck that L usually sits on and M pushes him around.  L was getting off the truck and M said to him “down”, meaning that he wanted him to sit down on the truck so he could push him.  L understood and did it.  Then the truck got stuck and M said, “Help.” And L got off the truck and helped him move it!  So cute!

L loves to read and I often put him in our papasan chair with some books and he’ll be content for a long time.  Well today M was not leaving his brother’s side!  He wanted “Up” (which by the way he says perfectly now!) and they read together for quite awhile.



hollyphotos31 006



  1. Although I am a Canon lover, I LOVE your shots you got here. Great light!

  2. LOVE these shots, especially the first! so cute. one trick I learned to make b/w’s pop more is to increase the contrast in a photo editing program.

  3. Beautiful photos, hon! Is Mac asleep in the second one? I love your account of the way their language and communication is continuing to develop. It’s just fascinating to me! Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow. 🙂

  4. oh my gosh, these pics are so cute, they make me want to cry! Noura said ” They (she actually said their names) are weading books. awwww”

  5. Thanks! The first shot is actually unedited (other than making it black and white). The other two are edited more with the contrast lighting. I love the first one! I’m slowly learnign how to use my camera more 🙂

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