Posted by: urbanadventurertales | September 25, 2009

Hair cuts!

I was a bald baby until I was about 3.  I was around mostly bald babies my whole life.  God gave me two sons with heads full of hair when they were born.  By the time they were 11 months, both needed their first hair cuts.  And their hair grows so fast!

I gave them their 4th haircut yesterday.  They each ate a cookie and sat fairly patiently as I trimmed their little locks.

This is M’s hair before:

hollyphotos32 005

And after:

hollyphotos32 009

I love the baby curls.  The Chef thinks it’s too short.  I kind of agree.  I do love his hair longer, but L’s hair looks a little silly long because it sticks up randomly and I have a weird thing about their hair being somewhat the same length.  Maybe as they get older this will change…

Here is L’s hair before:

hollyphotos32 004

And after:
hollyphotos32 012

And the remnants of baby hairs:

hollyphotos32 010

hollyphotos32 011





  1. they look great! N has yet to get her first haircut, hence the mullet-ish curls

  2. Awww i think they look cute in their new haircuts.
    I am such a sucker for those beautiful curls!
    I am gonna hold out as long as possible before cutting the babies hair because Ethan and Ian were the same way. I gave them their 1st haircut at just over a year and their hair grows soooo fast. They actually get haircuts every 2 weeks. We like to keep their hair short because of the way their hair gets when longer. Ian has a double crown so it doesnt look right when long and Ethan has some straight hair at the top of his head so when it gets long, it just sticks out while the rest curls. lol

    I am anxious to see how Roman and Isaaks hair will do. I would love to keep it long, but we’ll see.

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