Posted by: urbanadventurertales | September 30, 2009

Twin Tuesday!

Oh the treasures we find!  After a loooong morning with the twinadoes, it was nice to put them in their room for a bit, shut the door, and hear some peace and quiet.  In fact, when I opened the door, I found this:

hollysphotos36 003

In fact, this has been an increasingly common scene.  They love to read on their little couch in their room.  L tends to be more of the “reader”…

hollysphotos36 006

but M is joining in quite often now!  He thinks it’s pretty funny when I “catch” them!

hollysphotos36 002

And for my own personal records:  Tonight L put two words together for the first time.  At the end of bathtime, he said, “Bye Bye Wa Wa.”  (translation: Goodbye water.)  This is the same set of words that M put together just a few weeks ago.



  1. i can’t say this enough: i love those cute faces!!

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