Posted by: urbanadventurertales | October 3, 2009

A letter to my sons…

My wonderful long-time friend Christin wrote an awesome letter to my boys on her blog.  (Click here).

I have a few cool posts coming up, but the Chef has my camera today as he’s adventuring in the city for a class…so we’ll have to wait till tonite to post.  In the meantime, here’s the flashback photo of the day:


This one’s taking it waaaay back.  Back to my 5 year old obsession with the Smurfs (well, really with just Smurfette).  My brother is on the left (many people comment that L looks like him) and our friends Rachel and Karis on the right.  And why did my mother cut my bangs starting from midway back on my head?  I look like I have half of a bowl-cut!  She says it’s because the hair on the top of my head never grew until I was like 3.



  1. Ha, I love the list Christin wrote! Loved “Starla” 🙂 And I’ve thought that L looks like your bro, but this picture really confirms it, wow. Such a cute flashback photo!

  2. Smurfs, I love the smurfs. Memories!!!

  3. I thought I should write a “Who you SHOULD bring home” letter to the boys but all I could come up with was “The cute social worker” and “The funny teacher.” Hm.

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