Posted by: urbanadventurertales | October 7, 2009

Twin Tuesday! Co-sleeping

I’m probably going to go against the grain of what most twin moms do, but I am 100% for having your twins co-sleep (with eachother, not you!)

My philosophy was that if they can sleep while being crammed in the womb together, they can sleep in the same crib without much issue either.

Awww, so tiny and sweet…makes me want another little one!  Wait, did I say that?  Not yet…


Mine quickly transitioned to tummy sleepers…


They only sleep on their backs when they have colds.  This picture was taken when they were sick with their first cold at 4 months…


Though they usually don’t touch while they sleep, we occasionally would find them in the craziest positions!



I’m hoping they can make it a few more months in the crib.  I don’t think they’re quite ready for a big-boy bed yet.  But they’re quickly outgrowing this confined space!

hollysphotos36 012



  1. Look how tiny they were….so sweet!
    When my older boys were 18 months, thats when we decided we wanted another baby.
    Some thought we were crazy but i didn’t, and of course i never would of thought it would take as long as it did to get pregnant again but i am glad it worked out like it did because i couldn’t imagine if i were to of gotten pregnant when i really wanted. haha
    And then i had no idea i would have another set of twins, so 4 years age gap seemed good. lol

    Ethan and Ian only slept together for a little but i had to seperate them into their own cribs because they would keep each other awake, then i ended up keeping them in their cribs till they were 3 yrs old.

    Now my only dilemna with the babies is i co-sleep with them, they rarely ever sleep in their crib. Could be a reason why they sleep so good and i am sure i will regret co-sleeping if when i transition them out of my bed and they won’t allow it. I know what i got my self into but not sure if i am ready yet for them to move, i think i enjoy them sleeping with me more than my hubby does. lol

    Oh and all 4 of my boys were tummy sleepers. Even when my babies had bad reflux, i would lay them on their tummy, it just seemed that they spit up way less that way. I am sure their pediatrcian thought i was making that up but its the truth.

  2. My boys slept together in the same crib for the longest time….we had to get another crib when they were like 18 months old because they were biting each other so we broke down and seperated them! lol

  3. Mine are 18 months in a few days and occasionally will keep each other awake at nap-time, but they still do pretty well. In our tiny Chicago apartment, we literally don’t have room for two beds, so they will be sleeping together for as long as I can manage!

    And Brandi- I would like at least 3 years in between the boys and another baby. They take up so much of my energy right now, I just can’t imagine being pregnant or having a baby and also chasing after them! Not having the baby itch just yet 🙂

  4. seriously so stinkin precious in that first pic…oh my!

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