Posted by: urbanadventurertales | October 8, 2009

Baby facial anyone?

Apparently M thought it would be a great idea to give L a facial using this:

hollysphotos44 013

Yep!  He just dipped his little hands right in…

hollysphotos44 014

Making sure to cover his hands thoroughly…

hollysphotos44 012

And spread it ever so generously on his brother’s face…

hollysphotos44 011

hollysphotos44 010

He also managed to cover his shirt and the television (just for good measure…)



  1. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!! and probably SO hard to clean!!!!!!! So sorry! But creative M, and good sport L!

  2. lol, my older boys have done this numerous times. Its soooo hard to clean up

  3. Jack did that in his room about a month ago. He got it all over his hair, face, clothes, books, dresser and drawer. Needless to say, I was gone and Luke was “letting him play quietly in his room”. Dawn dish detergent works well to get it out of hair and clothes. Good luck!

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