Posted by: urbanadventurertales | October 8, 2009

Their favorite book

The boys love this book.

hollysphotos41 004

And their favorite page has children doing different things (eating, reading, running, jumping).  They immediately start laughing and point to this:

hollysphotos41 005

hollysphotos41 006

hollysphotos40 008

They are able to point out and say several of the items on each page, including:  apple, bread, milk, banana, juice, water, baby, ball, truck, train, bus, plane…

hollysphotos40 010

Their second favorite part of the book is the truck page.  They love to make the sounds of trucks, planes, and trains!  Vrrrr….

hollysphotos40 011



  1. smart boys!!

  2. I love them. They are hilarious. I love their lips in the last picture. Sooooo serious about reading. haha…

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