Posted by: urbanadventurertales | October 12, 2009

Some favorite black and whites

I’ve loved black and white photos for a very long time.  I would even buy black and white film for my camera because I loved it so much.

Here are a few pictures I took of the boys at my mom’s yesterday.  I changed the original color images to black and white.  I love the nostalgic feeling it gives.

hollysphotos45 049

hollysphotos45 040

hollysphotos45 035

hollysphotos45 026

hollysphotos45 018

And here’s a color one, just for good measure…

hollysphotos45 031



  1. they are just adorable. i really miss those sweet faces

  2. Great pictures!
    There is probably a setting on your camera that you can actually take the photos in b/w without having to convert them later. Not sure what kind of difference it would make in the actual photo but it might be fun to play with. The free picasa software from google has some really cool effects too that you can use.
    ps. my boys have that truck and still play with it!

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