Posted by: urbanadventurertales | October 13, 2009

Feature: MORE art and artists in our home!

Back by popular demand (haha!) I’m featuring more of the art and artists in our home.

This is a set of photos that hang above our television.  Excuse the “bunny ears” from the t.v.  We are poor folks that don’t have cable!

hollysphotos46 003

These first two were taken by the lovely Rachel Vanoven for the boys’ first birthday.  How adorable is that picture of the boys with the Chef?  I love the palpable laughter!

hollysphotos46 004

hollysphotos46 005

And the next photo was taken by the sweet Stacey Wasmuth of Blue Candy Photography when they were newborns.

hollysphotos46 006

These next two are taken by me, pre the Nikon D40 purchase!  And the third was taken by Rachel Vanoven of my sister and the boys when they were 6 months old.  The top one is of my brother with L and the middle on is of the boys when they were 9 months.  I love their little sweaters!

hollysphotos46 011

This next set is more from Rachel at their 1 year shoot and the middle one was taken by Stacey.

hollysphotos46 012

The next set of three are all taken by me as well.  The top photo was taken for the boys’ birthday invitation.  The middle photo was taken a year ago with my girlfriends from college at our 5 year Homecoming reunion.  And the bottom photo was taken of the boys when they were about 14 months old.  I love the expression on their faces!

hollysphotos46 013

Finally, this wedding photo was taken by our friend Melissa Ogilvy.  What a good looking groom!  I don’t think many grooms could pull off a white suit as well as mine did 🙂

hollysphotos46 014


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