Posted by: urbanadventurertales | October 16, 2009

18 months old and busy and can be!

Boy, I don’t think these two could be any busier than they are right now!  Here’s my feeble attempt at taking an 18 month picture of them with their bear (I took monthly pictures with the bear until they were 12 months old).

“L, don’t take the bear.  Put it down!”

hollysphotos47 016

“M, sit up.  Look at Mommy!”

hollysphotos47 015

“No, M!  Put the bear down.”

hollysphotos47 014

“L, get the bear out of your mouth!”

hollysphotos47 018

“Okay, now look at Mommy!”

hollysphotos47 019


hollysphotos47 017

And here they are at 12 months:

spring17 002


M is saying up to 50-60 words now.  Though his pronunciation is not the best, he is able to clearly identify more than 50 things and say a word for them.  He also makes several animals sounds and has recently started learning his ABC’s.  He is following directions more now and is able to put his toys away in his toy box, retrieve items that are asked for, and point out several of his body parts.

He loves to dance and sing.  His favorite song right now is ABC’s and Itsy Bitsy Spider and he loves to do the Teddy Bear chant.

He can go up and down stairs without assistance (as long as he holds on to a rail).  He loves to push toys on wheels.  He is still very social and is friendly with most people he meets.

L is able to say more than 20 words, but identifies and understands many more than he verbalizes.  L loves to pick up his toys and tends to like things to be organized.  If he drops food on the ground, he will voluntarily pick it up and put it on the table (Mama’s not complaining!)  L is able to point out many animals in books and make the appropriate sounds for them.  He also is able to identify most of his body parts.

L loves to read and will spend more than an hour reading different books in his room.  He is still very silly and loves to run and place “chase”.  L is also able to climb up and down stairs by himself.  He is more shy in new social settings, but still does well playing with other children.  Both boys are learning to share toys quite well for their age.  They both fight over things, but clearly understand and obey the concept of sharing most of the time.

My next goals are to work on coloring and feeding themselves with spoons.  I have not worked very hard with them on either, so we’ll start doing both of those this month.

I’m going to be getting them a potty chair for Christmas and we’ll see if they have any interest in it!



  1. You ended up getting a great shot of them even if it took several takes. LOL
    Thats how it is around here when i try taking pics, nobody wants to sit still

    Can’t believe they are already 1 1/2yrs old, they will be 2 before you know it

  2. I wish I could tell you that it gets easier to take their pics together as they get older but it doesn’t!!! They just start to resent the camera more!
    I died laughing about your comment on our blog. Sorry but no little democrat here. Grandma Anne would would have a cow! 🙂 It seriously made me laugh and laugh! Thanks!

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