Posted by: urbanadventurertales | October 21, 2009

Twin Tuesday: Napping conspiracy

I’m convinced that he boys conspired against me yesterday to avoid taking their nap.  They usually sleep from 11-1.  Around 11:30, they were both acting tired, so I laid them down.  They cried and cried and I was pretty sure that L was intentionally keeping M awake.  So, I decided to try to separate them and put L in the pack-n-play and leave M in the crib.

This strategic move was met with more cries and eventually laughter.  I opened the door eventually to find them like this:

hollysphotos49 002

Needless to say, they went without a nap yesterday.  Thankfully it was a beautiful day so we explored another park in the area.  And they went to bed an hour early last night.

*Sigh* I hope they aren’t trying to get out of naps already!  Any suggestions?



  1. YOWZA!!! Logan would be poking his eyes and pulling his hair out if he missed his nap!! We are still trying to wean from the morning nap and he has such a hard time making it til 1. Ava is 3 1/2 and still takes a nap, so I doubt they are dropping it…just being mischievious! Maybe they need separate rooms for naps! IDK! I can’t imagine my two sleeping in the same room, they would just play!! Im sure its a little different for them since they have done it since the beginning. But, day sleep is different than night sleep. Maybe worth a shot if they keep this up! Hopefully just a fluke though! Im gonna hold on to naps AS LONG AS I CAN!! Hoping Ava weans about the time kindegarten starts! lol

  2. Yeah, I don’t think they’re weaning from naps, but I”m going to try to wait till about 12 to put them down tomorrow and see if that helps. I had the same problem today. I put them down and they played/cried for more than an hour before finally falling asleep. Hopefully they’re just needing to have their nap pushed back to a later time…

  3. I NEED Ava and Logan’s nap to be at the same time(for my sanity), which was easy when he was taking two! He would sleep from 9 to 10/11 and then 2-4. Now that we are weaning the morning nap, I find 1pm seems to be a good time for him, but I think 12 would be optimal but that just wont work. Sometimes its not til 130 just because we are out and about. But, then he still sleeps til 4! Which is sweet! Id definitely give it a try!!

  4. no idea about twin stuff:), but when Noura started playing more instead of napping, I started making it later. She now naps b/t 12-1 and she usually is asleep quick, but if I put her down around 11, its a joke and she usually plays so hard in bed, the nap is skipped

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