Posted by: urbanadventurertales | October 27, 2009

Motivation Monday…blah.

I didn’t have a good week.  I ate too much and didn’t get in very good work-outs either.  I didn’t gain any, but didn’t lose any either.

Sooo, this week I’m back on the wagon.  I’m going to look up some recipes from Ellie Krueger (sp?) who does Healthy Appetite on the Food Network.  And I really need to limit my sweets.  I have the most terrible sweet tooth.  I could eat cookies for breakfast (and sometimes do, much to the Chef’s chagrin).

I asked the Chef the other day what time in our marriage he was most attracted to me.  He said when we were first married and then when I first got pregnant with the boys.  So, this is my motivation!  Get back my 4 week pregnant body, lol!  I was actually only about 5 lbs. lighter in this picture than I am now, but my body was much more toned and in shape.

Pregnant 003



  1. You can do it!! Dont give up! We all have bad weeks….you will get there!

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