Posted by: urbanadventurertales | October 28, 2009

Twin Tuesday: don’t turn your back!

Boy, these two are getting to be quite the little monkeys.  Normally, we keep the bathroom door closed, but I forgot to close it the other day and went into the office to send an email, came out not 3 minutes later and found this:

hollysphotos50 001

hollysphotos50 002

I shutter to think of what could have happened if he’d tried to climb down by himself!



  1. omg, i would of freaked. lol

    mine get into the bathroom and try playing in the toliet bowl or they like to empty my trash can and unroll all my toilet paper.

    I wonder what they were thinking in this picture? haha

  2. I am sitting here laughing – can’t help it! The thing is, they are just so clueless as to their precarious situation – they are simply being curious. But YIKES! They certainly are little monkeys, aren’t they? Think you could find a cage on Craig’s List? ; )

  3. Haha! I bet they were trying to conspire on how to get L up into the sink as well.

  4. That is hilarious! You handle them SO well. I could learn a few things from you!!!

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