Posted by: urbanadventurertales | October 31, 2009

18 month check-up and new Ped!

One of the things we were very sad to leave behind in Indy was our beloved Pediatrician and friend Dr. Beth.

fall23 003

She went to our church and was in our home group and she loved our boys.  It took me awhile to research the perfect Pediatrician here (I wanted someone that was close-by, integrated medicine/natural views, and a Family Practitioner so we could all have the same doctor).

I think I found my lady!  She is about 10 minutes away, can take all of us in her practice, and spent a good hour just talking with us yesterday.  She is very educated, balanced, not pushy, and seems to have the same views of parenting that we do.


hollysphotos49 006

We talked about everything from diet to discipline and she pretty much reinforced everything we’re already doing.  We decided against getting the flu or H1N1 this season and rather focused on taking vitamins (they get Vitamin C, Vitamin D drops, and probiotics) and teaching handwashing, which we already do.

As we were leaving, the Chef said something that made me a bit teary.  He said, “Babe, you’re such a good mom.  Everything she was saying in there, you already do.  It comes natural to you.”  I’m a “words of affirmation person” and he filled my cup 🙂

hollysphotos50 047

M is 24 lbs. (25th percentile) and 31 inches (15th percentile).  He is advanced in his verbal, comprehension, and social skills, and is right on track for physical skills.

hollysphotos50 015

L is 23 lbs. (15th percentile) and 32 inches (35th percentile).  He is advanced in his comprehension and social skills and right on track for his verbal and physical skills.

(*I’m only including their stats for my own personal records so I can look back and remember what they were at 18 mo.)



  1. As someone who’s had a front row view, I agree with the Chef – you have been a natural at mothering from Day 1, and I think you both are doing a great job parenting your boys. I’m really proud of you both.

    Now as for the stats….in my opinion one stat was left out and that is the cuteness factor, for which both L & M would easily score in the 100th percentile!

  2. Sounds like they had a great checkup. Glad you found someone you like.

  3. Glad you found a good doc 🙂

    And I didnt realize that your twins and my Miss Curious are the same age. Its fun!

  4. theyre so big! Cant wait to see them soon!

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