Posted by: urbanadventurertales | November 4, 2009

Twin Tuesday: Time-out

The past 2 weeks, we’ve started putting the boys in “time-out” in the glider chair in their room.  It took about 3-4 times before they both started to understand the concept.

We use it to help curb the whining/attitude issues.  If they are getting whiny or having bad attitudes we’ll ask them if they need to go to “time-out”.  If they stop, then we’ll keep playing.  But if they continue we take them to the room, put them on the chair and turn our back until they stop crying (*note that the first 5 times of doing this resulting in multiple attempts on their part to climb out of the chair).  Once they’ve stopped crying, we ask if they’re ready to have a good attitude, give a hug, and have them repeat, “Okay mommy (or daddy).”

So, the past 2 days, my interaction with M has gone something like this:

“M, you’re being really whiny.  Do you need to go to time-out?”

hollysphotos53 004

He will then turn around and walk to his room

hollysphotos53 009

Climb into the chair

hollysphotos53 005

and wait for me to come in and ask if he’s ready to have a good attitude

hollysphotos53 008

Yep!  I think it’s fairly safe to say that he enjoys going to time-out.

Wish I could say the same thing for this little nose-picker…

hollysphotos53 003

He still cries everytime I take him to time-out, although he stops within about 10 seconds of sitting in the chair.  Mission accomplished on both ends I suppose!



  1. totally adorable!

  2. Oh my gosh those faces!!!!! Bring them here NOW!

  3. How DO you keep a straight face!!!

  4. It sounds like they’re doing great…better than my niece who screamed bloody murder at every time out. lol! I love the look on M’s face when he’s sitting in the chair. hehe! They are both just too cute!

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