Posted by: urbanadventurertales | November 12, 2009

Your burning questions!

I’ve seen this done on other blogs and always love to read the answers.  I’m getting about 100 hits a day on here, so I thought I’d open it up to have you ask any of the “burning questions” you might have!  Not that I am all that interesting, but maybe you’ll give me some good ideas on future things to blog about.

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  1. i know alot, i’ll pretend i dont and ask questions i think have interesting answers!

    -how did you and the Chef meet? how did he propose?
    -what did you do as a career before the adventure of twins?
    -what is your favorite thing about living in Chicago?
    -when are you moving back to Indy (oh wait, only realistic questions:) boo)
    -who do you most look up to and model yourself after (who you know and who you dont)

    Hope that gets it started!And yes you ARE interesting!

  2. Knowing the boys personalities now, what do you see them to be like in the future? What sports would they play, what type of career?
    If you and the Chef could go on a week vacation together where would it be?
    Have you tried to separate the boys? How do you plan to do one on one time with the boys?
    If you had a girl right now what would her name be? (Can you please have a 3rd soon! :))

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