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November 12, 2004

That was the date the Chef proposed to me!  The day he gave me my beautiful ring…

hollysphotos35 002

And sent me on an awesome scavenger hunt around the city.

I was woken up that morning by my good friend Jody telling me to get dressed and come to her place by 9 a.m.  (I’d been thinking that the Chef would propose soon, but didn’t have any clue to what lengths he’d been planning!)

I showed up and she had a cassette tape for me that the Chef recorded with his voice saying that he was sending me on a little trip today with Jody to Indianapolis.  We’d have clues along the way.  The first clue he left for me led me to World Market in Indy.  I showed up and asked the clerk if he had anything for me.  He gave me an envelope that included my next clue and a note with a gift card to the store telling me to buy something for our future home together.  I bought a basket that now holds many of our picture albums!


The next clue led me to Aveda salon.  The clerk once again gave me an envelope that included my next clue and a gift card to the Aveda store.  I purchased some new lip gloss and a custom-made lotion.


I was next led to the bookstore Borders downtown where the Chef had purchased the “social-worky” book Nickel and Dimed.  He also included some money for Jody and I to go out to lunch and my next clue.


After a delicious lunch (at a restaurant that I can’t remember!) we headed to the mall to a Christmas shop where he had a HUGE diamond ring ornament there for me (hint hint, lol!)  and another gift card for me to purchase an ornament.  I bought a cute one with two snowmen and they wrote our names and the date on it.  I love Christmas so much and his thoughtfulness that went into each location was so sweet.

Christmas Store 001

At the Christmas store I was given another note with a certificate for a massage to be given that afternoon!  I was soooo excited!  I never had a professional massage before and it was wonderful!


He then had Jody give me a dress that he’d bought for me and money to purchase shoes and jewelry to go with it.  It was a strapless, mid-calf length dark brown dress with black beading throughout.  I purchased some black shoes and jewelry and then went to the make-up appointment he’d scheduled.

Finally, my last clue led me to the canals in Indianapolis.  These hold very sweet memories for us which continued well after our engagement and marriage!  I love the canals and biked there often when we lived in Indianapolis.


I arrived to find the Chef in a new dark brown sport coat and he ran to me, lifted me up and then got on one knee and asked me to marry him!  I was so thrilled to say “yes!”  He gave me my lovely ring.  We had never looked for rings, so I had no idea what he would pick out.  I think he did a fabulous job!  And we then went to eat at a nice restaurant in town called The Eagles Nest.  It overlooked the city and we felt quite literally “on top of the world”!  I think my proposal rivals just about any I’ve ever heard.  The Chef put together an amazing and thoughtful day for me.  I continue to feel very blessed to have him choose me for his wife.



  1. sweet memories 🙂 i can’t remember the restaurant either, though i think it may have been cajun? i think it was near the old union station downtown… tell ethan i’m still grateful for the massage!!! i thought of this day this week when i was shopping for some ornaments – didn’t know it was so close!

  2. Laughing so hard at the “cassette tape” Your proposal was much more romantic than mine! I basically told Brian when and where to do it ….lol

  3. That’s the best proposal story I’ve ever heard! What a creative, thoughtful and romantic guy you have!!

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