Posted by: urbanadventurertales | November 15, 2009

Burning questions part 1

It’s been quite a busy week as I’ve started working 2 days now and the Chef has been home with the boys and trying to study/get schoolwork done, so it’s been a little crazy trying to keep up with things.

I’ll start out with the first set of questions and then I might do another “burning questions” in a few months.

1. how did you and the Chef meet? We attended the same college and volunteered at a ministry working with at-risk youth.  We met there and after a few months of knowing one another, we went Christmas shopping for some of the kids.  The rest is history 🙂  Maybe I’ll go into more detail on our dating days in a future post!

2.  how did he propose? (see previous post!)

3.  what did you do as a career before the adventure of twins? Right after college, I worked for the ministry that I met the Chef at.  I was a program director and developer for 2 years there.  I miss the people dearly.  After that I worked with families at risk of losing their children to foster care.  I worked in their homes helping them stabilize the situation.  It was very challenging work, but I grew a lot professionally.  Once the twins were born, I wrote home studies for adoptive families and did some foster care case management part-time.

4.  what is your favorite thing about living in Chicago? There are many things that I love about Chicago!  The city has such a unique “feel” to it.  I love the access to all the different stores, shops, and people.  I love being able to take public trans everywhere.  I love that most neighborhoods have everything you need within walking distance.

5.  when are you moving back to Indy (oh wait, only realistic questions) God only knows!  There’s certainly many things I miss about Indy!  The friends, my sister, the traffic!

6.  who do you most look up to and model yourself after (who you know and who you dont) I think I’ll save this question and dedicate an entire post to it.

7.  Knowing the boys personalities now, what do you see them to be like in the future? What sports would they play, what type of career? What a great question!  Anyone who knows M & L can see how God has created them to be so unique and so different!  Both are pretty athletic I think (didn’t get it from me!) and I can see L playing soccer or basketball, while I think M is a more stocky muscular build and could play football.  They both love music as well, so they could be into that.  M is very social and a care-taker, so I could see him in the people-helping arena.  Be it in non-profit, medical, or education.  L is more technically minded.  He can spend long amounts of time trying to figure things out.  I think he will probably be more of a math-minded person, so maybe he’ll go into engineering or something along those lines?  L is also extremely funny and has a very keen sense of humor already.

7.  If you and the Chef could go on a week vacation together where would it be? Oooooohhhhhh!!!  How wonderful would that be!?  I’m dreaming of a Mediterranean cruise (Greece, Italy, Spain).  But I think we will settle for a Bahamas cruise this Spring to celebrate our 5 yr. anniversary!

8.  Have you tried to separate the boys? How do you plan to do one on one time with the boys? I’ve tried to put them in separate crib/pack n play a few times and it’s a horrible idea.  They either think it’s funny or traumatic.  In fact, the other night M woke up and it was about 10 p.m.  I brought him out with me to the living room and L was still asleep.  L woke up about 15 minutes later and was so upset because his brother wasn’t there.  I think we will get them bunkbeds eventually.  The next step is to get them a twin bed that they can share when they are about 2.  I think 2 yrs. old is still a little young for bunkbeds, so we’ll wait a bit longer to separate and then I will leave it up to them if they want to sleep in the same bed or not.

9.  If you had a girl right now what would her name be? (Can you please have a 3rd soon!) This is a very tough one!  The Chef and I can NOT agree on girl names to save my life.  Thankfully we were able to come up with boy names easily.  A few that are kinda-sorta in the running are Cecelia, Tatum, and Bianca.  I can tell you that the middle name will be Brelyn (a combo of our mothers’ names) And as far as adding to the Daly clan, we’re waiting till the boys are at a little less demanding age.  They are so fun, but so much work right now that it exhausts us both to think of adding another.  Plus it’s a little tough with the Chef in school full-time.

*On a side note, I’ve missed my boys terribly this week!  One good thing about working the couple of days I do is that I really really miss them and have more energy and presence and patience when I am home.  So, while it’s hard to be away from them, I’m seeing how it can also make me a better mother when I’m here.

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  1. Thats a great perspective to have Holly!

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