Posted by: urbanadventurertales | November 20, 2009

Is it time to get some new toys?

So, I typically hold to the theory that “less is more”.  They boys have not received any new toys since their birthday in April.  And why should they?  They’re only 1!  They don’t need new toys, right?

Well, the other day, we invested in these new hats and also bought their first Elmo DVD.  Can we say OBSESSED?  They now want to watch “Melmo” all day long, while wearing their new hats inside.  The hats aren’t exactly a problem unless this happens:

I eventually intervene and give M his own hat, much to his delight

But then L decides to take off his hat and can’t quite figure out how to get it back on.

…and, contentment.



  1. so cute! its amazing what keeps kids occupied, and as simple as hats, leaves (crunching them for Noura), etc!

  2. I don’t think kids need new toys. I think with lots of real life experiences like outdoor stuff kids would like better than toys. Like for example dirt…its not a toy but kids love it or when it rains kids love to play in the mud puddles. I am not saying they can’t have ever any toys…but less is better. Spending time with your child one on one and taking them places, those are what really counts. What child doesn’t like going in the shopping cart? That’s not a toy. Most kids love playing with the real pots/& pans you have as well…those everyday things we use whether it be for the house or whatever, most kids tend to enjoy those more, than what we spend more money on buying them the latest toys. Money can’t buy happiness. Our society has been brain washed to make us think buying all the toys for our children is what we have to do, when at all we only need to give them real life experiences and get them away from being so materialistic/ & keep them away from video games/tvs/computer stuff/ it seriously gives them an illusion of a false world…and yet teaching them countless criminal behaviors…giving your child love/true unconditional love/ & spending time with them playing or reading stories/taking them places like parks…this is what they really need. Your time & your unconditional love….not toys…

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