Posted by: urbanadventurertales | November 23, 2009

To wean or not to wean, that is the question!

The Chef thinks it’s time to wean the boys from their pacifiers.  I just weaned them (well really M decided to self-wean) from nursing 3 days ago.  L doesn’t seem too bothered by the nursing strike, so as sad as I am, I think we’re officially done nursing.  Made it 19 months and for that I should be proud I suppose…

L is particularly stuck on the paci.  He often wants it during the day and NEEDS it during naptime and bedtime.  M also wants it during bedtime, but sometimes they will play before falling asleep and take each other’s paci’s, throw them on the ground and it ends up being a big drama.

So, I’m just not sure if I want to tackle the paci-weaning right after the nursing-weaning?  We tried no paci’s for naptime today and they cried for 20 minutes.  Torturous for us all.  I caved and gave them the paci’s for bedtime and they went down with no problems.

Should I wait longer or bite the bullet and remove them completely?



  1. its prob a hard decision! Noura still sucks her fingers only at bedtime which i consider the same as paci, and i feel like at this young age, its soothing and isnt bad. but who knows! and way to go nursing for 19 mos!!!

  2. I agree! Yay for 19 months of nursing!

    As far as pacifiers, I’ve never gotten why parents have such a hard time weaning kids off of them! Just keep them! They’ll be completely over it in a week, forgetting about them completely…if not only a day or two!

    Karis did this with Colin, just quit cold turkey! But Karis and I have always been pretty “un-touched” by our children’s cries if it was something to do with weaning/CIO/whining 😉

    Nicholas and Josie are thumb suckers, so I guess I’m envious that you CAN just take them away and be done with them!

  3. I do not have an answer for you but I do know that sleeping babies are adorable!

  4. I’m no help in that area as i have always just done cold turkey. Ethan and Ian sucked on pacifiers till around 7 months but it wasn’t all the time, i just threw them away one day and they never noticed. The same with bottles, i just switched all of my kids to a sippy in one day and they never seemed upset about it.

    Roman and Isaak suck their thumb and i can’t quite take that away and have a feeling they will be sucking their thumbs for a long time.

    Everything i have read about pacifiers and thumb sucking is its not really a problem till their adult teeth start coming in and then you dont want them sucking on them. of course by then a child will not be sucking on a pacifier.

    Congrats on making it so far with breastfeeding.

  5. We just went to the “only while sleeping” rule. I made this rule with Ava when she turned a year and it was great! She knew to throw her paci in her bed when Id pick her up, and she would be so excited to see it when it was time to lay down! We had to abruptly take her paci away at 19 mo because she kept getting fevers and we thought maybe the paci was a source or at least not helping (coincidentally when she stopped nursing as well!) The sadness only lasted a few days, but it was REALLY hard on all of us, she was just pathetically sad. I still feel bad thinking about it and I am also not bothered by CIO when its for the right reasons. I just don’t like taking away something that I got them hooked on for comfort. So far so good. He tries to reach in there and get it, but we just remind him its ONLY for sleeping. I like how it doesn’t interrupt with his talking, and it falls out after he is asleep so he isn’t sucking on it 24/7. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I can totally relate to your dilemma! 🙂

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