Posted by: urbanadventurertales | November 29, 2009

Our best attempt at the perfect family Christmas card photo

Like most red-blooded American families, I dream of having the picture perfect Christmas card to display to all our closest and not-so-closest family and friends that we do, in fact, have it all together.

The reality- trying to get a picture of everyone smiling, with all clothing in place, while looking at the camera is futile.  Especially when you have one little toddler who became obsessed with a musical card given earlier that day by his Auntie and would scream bloody murder if you tried to take it away.  So, here’s our “picture perfect” family.  Let me know which one you think I should use for the Christmas card.

This first one is the Chef’s favorite…

I like it too.  It is playful, which is true to life.  I also like these next 3…

These next two show how L was obsessed with the musical card, and then became distraught when it was removed!

And a couple of the Chef and me…

We pose much better than two 19 month olds.

And a couple other fun ones from the shoot…

*Update on the paci- thanks for all the great advice from everyone.  I decided that due to the fact that they just weaned from nursing, I’m going to let them have the pacis for a few more months and then we’ll take them away.  We pretty much only use them for nap/bedtime, so we’ll stick to that more closely.



  1. I was laughing at alot of them because i know how funny it can be to take pics with kids that don’t cooperate. lol
    I love all the pics, The first and the last are great
    Heck, they all are.
    I really like the pic of you all walking together holding hands

  2. Thanks so much for the sweet message on my blog. Its wonderful to hear such a great success story about pcos. It gives me hope. Your boys are just precious by the way.

  3. I like the one with you and the family leaning on the tree!! Yes, that one is my favorite….You can see all yur beautiful faces and everyone looks so content!

  4. When are you doing the update on the workouts/eating well?

  5. I like them all! Really cute! I guess if I had to choose one I like the first one the best. I love collage photo cards though so I think you could try to incorporate a few of the others. I like the “un-posed” look of them.
    Side note… my sister a few years ago tried so hard to get the “perfect picture”. It ended in tears and such. So… her card read something to the effect of “Lyla look at the camera. Stop crying Gray, Hank (the dog) stop licking me! Oh forget it. Merry Christmas!” It had a photo strip underneath with all of their attempts/failures at a good photo. It was hilarious!

  6. I love the tree one. Also, the one on the swing with the Chef looking at the camera and you looking at him. They ALL are so cute!! Good job Auntie!!

  7. Yeah, I like the Chef’s favorite too, but definitely some keepers in the others! Such a cute one of L crying when you took his card away 🙂

  8. Wow, they are all super cute! I do like the tree one because you’re all looking at the camera.

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