Posted by: urbanadventurertales | December 11, 2009

Head and shoulders, knees, and toes

For awhile now, the boys have enjoyed pointing to and saying their body parts.

“No”= nose

“III-EEE”= eyes

“Eesss”= Ears

“Ba boo”= belly button

“Esss”= chest

“Eeee”= Feet (or they use Seeewwwsss for Shoes)

“Ha”= hands

“Dat”= hair (which is the equivalent of hat, which goes on their hair!)

*L uses his hair as his security blanket and will play with it whenever he’s sleepy.  He’s done this since he was a little baby and it’s the sweetest thing ever!

Other words:

“Chee”= cheeks

“Tee”=  teeth

“Blah”= tongue (when they stick it out!)

“Boo Boo”= bottom

“Pee Pee”= Pee Pee 🙂

“Neeee”= Knees


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