Posted by: urbanadventurertales | December 19, 2009

Why do we do this to ourselves!?

We’re moving.  Again.  But instead of moving states, we’re just moving a few blocks.  11 to be exact.

Why are we doing this to ourselves in the middle of winter with two toddlers in the midst of me working part-time and starting a photography business?  I ask myself the same thing.

Ultimately it comes down to two things:  money and community.  We are moving to another 2-flat that is only 1 block away from campus where the Chef attends school.  We will be closer to other seminary families, have a bigger apartment, space for me to set up an in-door studio, and will save about $200 a month.

So, the week after Christmas we are moving. Again.  Having to settle into a new place.  Again.

I’m NOT glad that we will be trading our beloved wood floors for carpeted ones.  I’m NOT glad that we will have to pay for coin laundry in the basement.  I’m NOT glad to be leaving our current block.  I’m NOT glad to be leaving our fenced-in yard behind.  I’m NOT glad that we will be in a place that has neutral colored walls.

I am glad for a new palate in which to exercise domestic creativity in choosing NEW colors for those neutral walls.   I am glad to be moving to the same building that our friends live in and we can build better relationships with them. I’m glad that our bedroom will be larger than a glorified closet.  And I’m glad to be leaving behind an apartment with 3 closets for one with 6!  I’m glad that we will have an office with a door that closes.   I’m glad that we will have a dishwasher.  I’m glad that we purged most of our stuff before we moved to Chicago so this next move will be easier.

So even though it mostly overwhelms me, the end product excites me.  I’m glad to get to move with the Chef.  I’m glad that we will again learn to make a new place home for us.  And I’m glad that our boys are adaptable and secure little boys who adjust well in new environments.



  1. The Christmas card is awesome. You guys are one of my favorite families!

    As far as the move, you’ll make it work. Keep your eyes on the prize. ( :

    I’m a little envious of your new business. I don’t have the courage to even try something like that. You go, girl!

  2. Okay, major gasp at first! You scared me! Glad you have a positive outlook and it sound like although it wont have wood floors, it will be bigger! I understand though…

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