Posted by: urbanadventurertales | January 7, 2010

New year, new apartment, new haircuts!

Happy 2010!  My apologies to all 5 of you who read my blog for falling off the blog-o-sphere lately!  We’ve been a bit busy and I’ve had a long recovery from a terrible sinus infection that I came down with on Christmas Day.  Today is the first day I actually am breathing through my nose.

So, there is much to update!  We had an interesting Christmas.  We ended up spending part of the time with my family, part with Ethan’s family, and part in Indianapolis for a friends’ funeral.  It was a difficult and also blessed Christmas in many ways.  We traveled too much, exhausting us right before our move to the new apartment which we accomplished even with our terrible colds thanks to the help of my brother and mom.

We are very much liking it here.  There is a lot more space which is very nice, and yet it still seems cozy and easy enough to keep picked up and clean.  We are still wanting to paint a couple of rooms and re-do the kitchen cabinets, add some curtains, etc.  So I’ll be posting pictures soon of what the place looks like now.

The Chef got tired of having rowdy hair, so he gave himself and the boys haircuts.  L’s is a bit too short for our liking, but he still looks handsome 🙂

With his short hair, I think he looks more like the Chef now.

I also got photoshop and a new lens for my camera for Christmas!  They both came in the mail  yesterday, so I’m getting familiarized with them.  Unfortunately my lens has limited capabilities with my current camera, so I’m not sure if I’ll keep it and upgrade to a new camera (something I probably should do eventually) or trade it for a different and more expensive lens that does work with my camera.



  1. I read your blog, Holly! I had been waiting for a new post! Cute haircuts!

  2. oh my goodness those boys are too cute i cant handle it!!! N misses her men and E wants to know if either like younger women;)

  3. Beautiful pics of the boys and the Chef!! You are getting very good!!

  4. Great job on the pics

  5. Great pics! I’m glad you’re feeling better~

  6. Those are adorable boys!
    And the only way to know how much is too much is to dive in! Life is always a balance between bored to tears and rushed to exhaustion.

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