Posted by: urbanadventurertales | January 10, 2010

A few pics of our new place…

I’ve been getting some requests to post pics of our new apartment.  With the help of my mom and sister, we finally got some things hung on the walls today.

Here is our living room.  It’s a long, rectangular room that we have split into two sections.  In this picture, you are walking into the living room.  The area to the right is our living room area and the area to the left is a play area for the boys.  It’s worked out really well and helps keep the toys in a confined area.

And the play area!

This is our dining room/”photo studio” room!

I have one wall that I am keeping plain cream colored to use as a backdrop for photo shoots.  Also, the doorway to the right leads to the kitchen, the doorway to the left leads to the bathroom and bedrooms.

The other wall is holding a large black photo paper backdrop for me to use as a permanent backdrop for indoor shoots.

The boys loved playing on the backdrop today.  Unfortunately, it was dark outside, so I couldn’t get the best photos.  I had to use flash on my camera which left too much shine on the photos.  But the boys are still cute 🙂

Here is a few photos of our kitchen.  Now, this kitchen is a blessing and a curse.  We love the extra space and being able to feed the boys in the kitchen.  However, the color of the cabinets, the countertops, and especially the floors are not our favorite!  We will tackle the cabinets to repaint them a cream color soon.  We’ll also repaint the walls and doors.  Not sure how much we can do to update the countertops or floors…

This area is where we can feed the boys.  Eventually, we’ll put a table here for them, but for now it works really well to have them in the chairs with their little trays.  They are very happy to eat in there!

And here is our bathroom.  It was so awful when we first moved in.  They had left an unfinished caulk job in the tub and toilet paper all over the floors.  After a lot of cleaning, scrubbing, and buying a cute new shower curtain, it’s looking much better.  I still want to get a black and white curtain for the window and put a few pictures on the walls.

I’m not posting pictures of our bedroom until we re-do it.  Our first priority is the kitchen and then we’ll focus on our bedroom.  Stay tuned 🙂



  1. And what was your little rock star singing?? LOL

  2. I LOVE that picture of L singing!!

  3. You guys have the place looking great! I esp like the pic of L rockin out with the mike. The next american idol??

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