Posted by: urbanadventurertales | January 12, 2010

Flower children

L’s favorite new word is flower (or “Fwow-wa”).  He points them out everywhere.  I have a few fake flowers that I let them play with yesterday.  Eventually, they tore the tops from the stems, but before then, they let me take a few photos 🙂

I put the flowers in the chest that the boys were sitting on after they finished playing with them.  This morning, M came over to me and pulled me to the chest saying “Op-u (open) fow-er (flower)”.  Too smart.

*Side note- I had a wonderful newborn photo shoot yesterday!  Got some great photos of the cute little guy and was able to use some of the props I got for Christmas.  You can see the link to the site over to the right-hand side of this site.  Holly Daly Photos.



  1. I love the color in these photos! Great job

  2. i love the pics and those adorable faces!!!

  3. Your boys are sooooooo beautiful….BTW, I checked out your photography work and you got great talent girlfriend!!!

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