Posted by: urbanadventurertales | January 23, 2010

Flashback Friday! (And other more recent updates)

This one doesn’t go back too far…only about 5 months ago.  But I love their sweet faces and summer tans.  I love L’s blond, sun-kissed hair, and M’s bright blue eyes and big smile.  I’m longing for warmer weather and being able to spend time outdoors with my little ones.

My boys are now 21 months and growing up way too fast!  They’re talking so much now and starting to make up little games with one another.  It’s really fun to watch.  They are also quite the “daddy’s boys” these days.  If he’s out of site, they run around the house yelling “Dada” until they find him.  They love to play horsey with him, wrestle, and pretty much copy anything he says or does.  I feel left out.

We’ve also taken the BIG plunge into ridding our world of the pacifiers!  We’re on day 2 and so far, so good!  We started out just trying to put them away during the day.  However, we then were having drama whenever they woke up from naps or in the morning because they did not want us to take the paci’s away.  So, we bit the bullet and removed them completely.  L had a hard time during the day, whining, crying, sobbing at times…asking for it.  M fussed for awhile last night, but today has been much better.  The Chef said they fussed for about 20 minutes during naptime and tonight they went to bed with no problems.  I’m hoping by the end of the weekend they will have forgotten about them.

My computer got a virus last week, so I’ve had to share with the Chef and he’s stingy with his computer, hence the lack of updates on the blog lately 🙂



  1. So so cute!

  2. Okay, these are sooo cute! And, I am wondering about Mr. Chuck? Haven’t seen him around lately =)

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