Posted by: urbanadventurertales | February 4, 2010


They got the best of me.  We were on almost 2 weeks without the pacifiers and I gave in at naptime today.  I’m a loser.

I do have a rational, however.  M is teething FIERCELY.  Seriously worse than any other time EVER.  It is his last two teeth coming in (his top incisors) and he’s constantly whining and chewing on his hands.  He’s been screaming for at least 20 minutes at naptime and bedtime the past several nights.  I’ll go in and rock him, give him milk, or let him get up and watch tv with me for a bit.  But he’s still in pain.  Tylenol doesn’t help.

Today I had a photoshoot scheduled during their naptime and they were both throwing a fit.  So, I decided to give them the pacifiers and see if it would help.  They went to sleep immediately.  I checked in about an hour later and M was still sucking on his paci harder than I’ve ever seen.  Poor baby.

So, they win (for now).



  1. you know, i just read in an article for teeth (a crest pamphlet with comments from ADA too) about thumb/finger sucking and pacifiers. it said that they are a big deal with kids growth and development and shouldnt be forced away until around 4. it surprised me…

  2. I love that picture!!!!

  3. Don’t feel bad. Jack’s was away for almost 2 months and then I gave in and gave it back. He refused to nap for those 2 months, was terrible trying to get to sleep and just seemed stressed. Life is much happier now that the binkeys are back 🙂

  4. what a cute picture!!

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