Posted by: urbanadventurertales | March 3, 2010

Twin Tuesday: Can’t imagine my life without twins

I often hear the comment from other moms, “Gosh, I just can’t imagine having twins.  It would be so much work!”  (Or some variation of this statement). 

And on days like yesterday where I had two major meltdowns in the middle of the store… neither one wanted to ride in the stroller and screamed for the majority of my time in store #1, so I decided to hold their hands while I ran into store #2 to get just a couple of things.  To which they both decided they didn’t want to hold my hands and much preferred to run around the store.  So yes, they can be a lot of work. 

But double the work, double the blessing.   They play together so well for being not quite two.  They make up their own little games.  And really miss each other if they are apart.  The other day I took M with me on some errands.  As soon as we got home, L runs up to us and hugs M FIRST, then me.  Haha. 

And today I came home and they were playing in their room.  I heard them laughing and talking.  I opened the door and they were both sitting in one of their small toy boxes laughing hysterically.  I am so thankful that they have a built-in best friend.  What a blessing. 

And they still snuggle. 



  1. i love this post! they are adorable and youre such a great mom!

  2. I was just thinking that earlier too, its more work but i too couldn’t imagine not having them. I just was saying how lucky i am.

    We are so blessed Holly.

    I just noticed Roman and Isaak are starting to really interact with each other lately. They always have in some form but its crazy how much they are turning into little toddlers. Isaak woke up from his nap earlier than Roman yesterday and Isaak went and grabbed a sippy cup and walked into the bedroom and tried giving it to his sleeping brother. lol. It was so cute and funny because its like he was trying to say “hey brother, wake up. i got your milk”

    Anyways, I CANNOT believe your boys are almost 2. Just seems crazy to me, gosh that went so fast. Love the pics, I wanted to tell you that you are getting really good with your photography skills

  3. Well look at those big boys in that bed! Wow…just remember these pics from so long ago..they grow up so fast! And you are a such a great mom, Holly!

  4. Lovely, Im a twin too and they remind me so much of my twin and I!

  5. as you know mine aren’t twins but most people think they are! They are best friends/worst enemies all at the same time. I NEVER would have planned/thought I would have three boys in 4 years but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I can’t imagine my life any different either~

  6. Hi
    I love your pics… fact they made me wonder. How long did your twins like to snuggle? Do they want separate cribs now at 2yo or do they stay together?

    I have 10mo twins and my mom wants me to separate them….

    I’m not putting u in the middle of our thing=) just wanted another opinion based on exp.

    Nice to meet you!


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