Posted by: urbanadventurertales | March 18, 2010

Work-out updates, a lil of this, a lil of that…

The boys and I are getting ready to head to Marion tomorrow to visit some close friends, then to Indy to visit more friends and stay with my sister.  I have 3 photo shoots lined up in Indy.  I’m very excited!!! 

Work-out updates:  Slacking on the 30 Day Shred.  But walking outside a TON!  This is what I much prefer anyways!  As long as it’s been above 45 and no rain, we’re outside!  *(see below for funny story about L at the park today)

And I’m in the dreaded “in between” phase with my pants now.  Regular jeans are too baggy, but skinny jeans are too tight. 







If you want to see a much more beautiful and glamorous mom, check out my photo blog.  I pretended to be a photographers on America’s Next Top Model and got some great shots of my beautiful friend, Gina.


And the funny story of the day:  Walked to the park with the boys and my friend Erin from Seminary (and her two kids).  Kids were playing happily on the playground.  L decided to go towards a giant mud puddle.  I yelled, “STOP!”  He proceeds to turn around to face me.  Stop.  Then walk backwards directly into the mudpuddle.  Getting his pants, shoes, and socks completely drenched in thick mud.  So, I strip him down and get strange looks from everyone passing the park, wondering why I took my child to the park on a 60 degree day without any pants or shoes on.  I tried to explain to one woman, but she didn’t speak English.  Oh well….



  1. cant wait to see you guys!! Funny pics of regular and skinny jeans! You look great! Miss our walks!

  2. That is funny!

    and great job on the loss! yay for good outdoor walking weather!

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