Posted by: urbanadventurertales | March 24, 2010

Adopted families…

The boys have no biological cousins their age (with the exception of one second cousin that lives in Kentucky).  Thankfully, we have a few wonderful friends who have adopted us into their families. 

This past weekend I took the boys on a little road trip to visit many close friends, family, and adopted family. 

The Simmons family live in Marion, the place I lived when I first started dating the Chef.  They have been a huge influence in my life and have enveloped me into their family as though I one of them.  Ann, the matriarch is one of the most amazing women I have ever known.



Ann has a way of making every person feel like they are the most important in the world.  She was able to help me see and understand a different perspective and view of life and a gentle, kind, but honest way.  We formed a bond many years ago that continues to last through lifes ups and downs.  She loves my boys and considers them her grandchildren.

Her daughters and granddaughters love them like family as well.  We had many laughs together during our visit!









After our visit to Marion, we heading down to Indy to see my sister and some friends.  I also squeezed in 4 photo shoots!  At the end of our visit, we got to see the boys “cousin” Ella.  She is the daughter of neighbors of the Chef’s when he was younger.  They are still good friends with the family and their daughter is 3.  She is a doll and they had fun playing at the canal together. 




We’re so thankful for our families- biological and adopted!


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