Posted by: urbanadventurertales | April 7, 2010

The Art of Eating a Cupcake

According to M:

Be very cautious at first.

Get a little on your lips and decide if you like it.

Continue to proceed with caution.  Don’t use your hands because they will get very dirty.

If you think it’s worth eating, humor the adults and carefully eat it piece by peice.

If you get tired of eating it, give them a big smile and they will likely let you get down to play with your toys.


According to L:

Take a big bite. 

 Be sure to get the frosting in your nose to experience the fullness of smells and flavors.

Shove as much of it in your mouth as possible.

If you eat as quickly as you can, you can ask for more before your brother has a chance to. 

 It’s very important that you get more than he does.



  1. i love it!!!and i think i eat my cupcake similar to L 🙂

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