Posted by: urbanadventurertales | April 8, 2010

Taking care of biracial hair

Malachi and I have a routine that we go through every day.  I tell him it’s time to put lotion in his hair.  He will go get the lotion out of the bathroom and then bring it to me and bend his head down, ready for me to put it through his hair.  It’s pretty darn cute!

His hair is curly and dry, therefore we need to put moisture in it every day to keep it healthy.

I use a moisturizer lotion called Pink (this is actually the Target brand version of it)

I put about a quarter size amount in my hand

I run my fingers through his hair from root to tip, working the lotion evenly throughout.

The lotion helps define the curls and keep the hair shiny and healthy.



  1. too cute

  2. We use Motions products too, they must of just changed the look of the bottle.

    I wish i could get away with just rubbing into their hair while dry but we have to slightly dampen their hair everytime we add it or it just doesn’t absorb that great

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