Posted by: urbanadventurertales | April 9, 2010

Malachi and Lincoln’s birth story: Part 2

After our shock in the first ultrasound, we stumbled out of the office is a silly stupor and made our way to Panera for lunch.  I remember we both sat in disbelief for awhile.  Ethan was happy, I was reluctant to get too excited.  He immediately thought we were having a boy and a girl. 

I struggled with tremendous anxiety over the next few weeks.  I was so worried that I would lose the babies or one would stop growing.  At my 8 week check-up, I sat outside the ultrasound room just shaking.  I recall that we were second in line behind another couple.  I could hear them laughing in the room as they saw their baby for the first time.  I was so concerned that I would be crying in the room instead of laughing.  I’m not sure why I had such irrational fears (probably too much internet surfing horror stories!)

But fear soon turned to joy as we saw our two perfect little babies wiggling around on the screen.  They were measuring perfectly and growing perfectly.  They looked like little teddy grahams 🙂  And I actually started craving teddy grahams after that (a little morbid?)  I was blessed to have a relatively easy first trimester- craved ground beef (yuck!) and was just a little tired, but no nausea.  This is a picture of Malachi (top) and Lincoln (bottom).   

After the 8 week ultrasound, I felt much more relief and less anxiety and worry.  I determined to try to enjoy this pregnancy and be thankful for each day God gave me to carry these little ones. 

We started discussing names towards the end of my first trimester.  We’d always liked the name Malachi for a boy.  We also tossed around Maxwell, Levi, Xavier, and a few others, but nothing really “stuck”.  Ethan was still convinced it would be a boy and a girl and we never did agree on a girls name! 

My belly grew quickly and we announced the pregnancy around 11 or 12 weeks.  I couldn’t really hide it any longer!  Most twin pregnancies end up growing about 6 weeks ahead of a singleton pregnancy.  This was true for me all a long.  I was always measuring about 6 weeks ahead of my actual gestational age. 

Here I am at 15 weeks.

Around this time I started feeling little kicks from Malachi low down.  He was always positioned closer to the cervix (considered Baby A).  At 16 weeks we went in for a high resolution ultrasound.  They measured growth of the babies in detail.  We invited my mother in law and sister to come and watch as we were hoping to find out the genders.  The measured Malachi first and we were not surprised to hear he was a boy.  When they measured Lincoln, she told us he was a boy and Ethan wanted her to check again!  It took about a day for it to really sink in for him that we were having two boys. 

A few days after the ultrasound, I came down to our living room and Ethan was on the computer.  He told me he’d had a dream the night before about the babies and we’d named one Lincoln.  He asked me if I liked the name and I loved it!  I’d never considered it before.  But we both wanted strong names and didn’t want rhyming or matching names for twins, so we liked the way the two names sounded together (unique, but not too unique and strong). 

Too be continued…



  1. awww….i like this story!:)

  2. I love what you’re doing, Holly! It’s really fun remembering those days through your blog. 🙂 I don’t think I’ll ever forget the day you told us. Makes me all teary just thinking about it!

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