Posted by: urbanadventurertales | April 11, 2010

Battle wounds and trouble makers

I’ll take a brief break from telling their birth story to give a brief update on the boys.  Lincoln got into his first fight this week.  With a coffee table.  We were at a friend’s house and I heard him scream.  He had tripped and fallen into their coffee table and immediately had a huge goose egg above his eye.  It went down in the next day, but has now turned into a nice little shiner. 

He tends to be our accident-prone child.  He’s a little pigeon-toed so trips over himself often.  And he doesn’t usually think before doing something.  But he’s got a resilient spirit!


A couple days ago, I was doing the dishes and suddenly realized the house had been quiet for a little too long.  Most parents of toddlers know this means trouble.  The boys were happily playing.  In the toilet.  Covered from head to toe in toilet water.  Water all over the bathroom floor and rug.  I guess they decided their dump truck needed to water our bathroom floor?

So they headed straight to here:

And were happy as can be. 



  1. Oh no, his eye 😦 Poor baby.

    And too funny about the toilet water cause Roman and Isaak are the same way. I can’t let them in the bathroom for a second because they are already splashing in the toilet water, yuck!!! LOL

  2. Love that last pic. He’s such a cute little charmer in that picture 🙂

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