Posted by: urbanadventurertales | April 14, 2010

Malachi and Lincoln’s birth story: Part 4

After my contractions started up, I went home to lay on the couch and rest awhile.  After about an hour, they went away.  I am amazed that I actually slept through the night.  I remember feeling completely in awe that I would be meeting my babies the very next day.  This was the last night I would sleep without them being here.  We needed to be at the hospital by 10 a.m. for a schedule c-section at noon.  We woke up at 6 a.m.  We stopped by a donut shop on the way there to pick up some donuts for the nurses. 

When I got to the room, they had me change into a gown and hooked me up to some fetal heart monitors.  The babies were doing great, completely unaware of their cozy little home being ripped open in a few hours!  My mom and sister came to visit before I went back for surgery.  I had to drink some nasty tart-tasting stuff that was supposed to settle my stomach acid (not sure if it worked or not b/c I dealt with the worst heartburn imaginable during pregnancy!) 

(notice extremely swollen face, hands, neck, everything!)

I felt pangs of anxiety prior to the surgery, but for the most part I was fairly calm.  I couldn’t eat anything from midnight the night before until the surgery, but my anxiety kept my hunger at bay.  I went in for the epidural.  It took them about 4 tries until they were able to get it in.  What a strange feeling to have your waist and below just go numb!  Ethan was able to come in with me after my epidural.  The Anesthesiologist was so kind.  He stayed by my head the entire time and talked me through everything.  I remember them asking if I could feel something (which to me felt like someone was poking my stomach with a blunt object).  After that, he said they had cut me open. 

After a few more minutes, they pulled Malachi out!  He cried almost immediately.  The doctor said he was a big baby and thought he would weigh about 7 lbs. (he weighed 6 lbs. but is stocky so always looks like he weighs more!)  About a minute later, they pulled Lincoln out.  He had actually flipped at the last minute to the head down position.  He had fluid in his lungs, so they needed to hook him up to a breathing machine almost immediately.  I only caught a glimpse of him on the cart before they took him up to the NICU. 

After the boys were born, I got extremely shaky from the sudden surge in my hormones.  It felt like I was clenching my jaw really tight, even though I wasn’t.  It took them about an hour it seemed to stitch me back up.  Ethan went to be with the boys and tell our families that they were born.  We had kept the names a secret until their birth, so he was able to share with them then.  I don’t remember much after their birth because I was so exhausted from my loss of blood and the hormones fluxuating.  I do remember holding Malachi for the first time, though. 

I was surprised with how much dark hair he had, and how much he looked like Ethan.

He nursed the first time I held him.  He was a very alert baby and studied faces from very early on.  He loved to be held and snuggled and had a very loud cry! 

After my epidural wore off in the evening, I was able to get in a wheel chair and be wheeled up to the NICU to visit Lincoln.  The nurses kept telling me that the fluid in his lungs should be gone shortly and would be able to come stay with me in my room in the next few hours.  I watched the monitors carefully, hoping the numbers would regulate…


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