Posted by: urbanadventurertales | April 27, 2010

Weekend trip and visiting best friends!

I had 3 photo shoots in Indy this past weekend, plus a wedding so it was quite a fun-filled but busy time.  We started out our trip leaving on Thurs. evening from Chicago.  We made it through the awful Chicago traffic and then got about an hour outside the city.  We stopped for dinner, kept on driving another 40 minutues or so and I realized that I forgot my outfit for the wedding.  No big deal, I can borrow from a friend.  Then it dawned on me that we left the Pack ‘n Play for the boys to sleep in.  Bummer, but I can still borrow from a friend.  Then the clencher:  I forgot my CAMERA!  Not so easy to borrow!  So we had to turn around and head back.  Ugh.  I don’t know where my head was that day!  I felt like the dumbest person! 

We left Friday morning and traffic was actually really easy leaving the city.  When we got into town, we got to catch up with some good friends in our neighborhood.  The boys were so excited to play with their best girlfriend! 

They really adore her!  I can’t believe how much the kids have all grown in the past year!  She is now talking in full sentences and really able to boss them around, lol!  And they still love it 🙂 

And I couldn’t get enough of squeezing the baby!!!  She’s so cute!  It was wonderful catching up with their mom, one of my best friends in Indy.  We really miss living close to them. 

Our good friends graciously hosted us.  The Chef was in a wedding and we had a blast catching up with all our friends there.  The boys were house-bound due to a rainy weekend, but I think they still had fun. 

In the midst of everything, I managed to squeeze in 3 photo shoots!  All were equally fun and I was able to capture some great moments for families.  You can check out some of them on my facebook page (Holly Daly Photos) or my website

Now I’m trying to catch up on laundry and get us ready to leave for our trip to Kentucky this weekend!



  1. we loved having you and ready for you guys to come back again!!:)

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