Posted by: urbanadventurertales | May 13, 2010

Life’s a-changin

As we’re gearing up for a busy summer, we’re prioritizing what our to-do list for the boys.  Since I’ll be back to working 3 days a week, the Chef is wanting to get the boys into a better routine and have some scheduled activities he can do with them.  For the times I work on Saturdays, he’ll be able to take them to a local splash park for little kids.  It’s within walking distance of our house and they will have a blast.  I’m also signing them up for another play group he’ll be able to take them to. 

We’ve recently had some trouble getting them to stay in the nursery at church.  They don’t want to be in there if we aren’t.  So, we’re attempting to have them play in the rooms for 30-45 minutes a day now in hopes that they’ll get used to being able to play without us present 24/7!  First two days were rough.  Today, they went in with no problems at all! 

We’re attempting to break the pacifiers.  So far, they are taking them only at naptime and bedtime.  We’ll hopefully wean completely by next month?  (Can you tell I’m dragging my feet on this one???)  You see, this one in particular is soothed so easily by the paci!  Call me lazy, but it’s nice to be able to shut him up so quickly 🙂

Another summer goal is getting them into  big boy bed.  After we wean the paci’s, we’ll set up a regular-sized twin bed and put it against the wall with railings on the side.  It will be plenty big for them to share until we feel comfortable with them getting bunk beds or a loft bed. 

And finally, we’re planning on tackling potty training.  We decided to start with Lincoln because he tends to be more stubborn and not respond as well to praise.  We figure if we get the hardest one out of the way first, then Malachi will be a breeze.  Not sure when we’ll start training them yet, though. 

My training for my new job is this week.  I already shadowed a photographer at the hospital I’ll be working at.  I get to take pictures in the rooms and it was so fun!  The days will fly by!  I go for more training tomorrow and Friday and start working in two weeks. 

Also, I’ve started back doing my 30-day Shred workouts!  I’d gotten pretty lax and gained a few pounds back, so I’m back at it 4 days a week. 



  1. Hi Holly, I was reading your summer goals list and I don’t want to tell you how to Mommy your little guys but, as a Mommy of soon to be 6 year old twin boys myself, may I suggest weaning the paci’s AFTER they are in their big boy beds. That may be an easier transition for them due to the fact that the paci’s are used to soothe them to sleep. I think they may have an easier transition to big boy beds if they were able to keep the paci’s just until after they are established in their new beds. Just a suggestion.

    BTW, your guys are absolutely beautiful. I just love keeping up with your blog and seeing their adorable little faces and how much they have grown.

  2. Thanks, Jeanne! That’s great advice and much-needed from another twin mom. I’ll heed it 🙂

  3. Hey Holly! I agree with Jeanne! My other two cents is in regards to potty training! Brynn was my tough cookie, and it was traumatizing for both of us…like really bad. If you think that Malachi will do better, I would do him first. ONLY because Nicholas potty trained literally overnight simply from seeing Colin go potty when they visited. I’m thinking if Malachi is easy, and you can get him going like a big boy, that Lincoln will see the praise and attention he gets (like I made sure to give Colin within earshot for Nicholas) and he will naturally want to make you happy!

    Just my thoughts! I’m DREADING potty training Josie…I’ve had a 50/50 experience with this whole potty training nonsense, and I don’t envy your situation one bit!! 🙂

    Love the pictures, as usual!!

  4. My three used “TOILET TRAINING IN LESS THAN A DAY”…. not because I was interested in the ‘less than a day’, but because it has such a good section on judging when your child is ready. Something about how often they have wet dipes (you don’t want them to have to go every hour) and can they take their pants down and up and can they stop what they are doing and go to the room where the bathroom/potty chair will be (stairs in the way, etc)
    Hope this helps!

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