Posted by: urbanadventurertales | May 21, 2010

I’ll take the high road and you take the low road…

The boys personality differences continue to amaze us.  M is cautious.  While the most confident around new people, when it comes to trying new things, he’s cautious. 

L, on the other hand, is a head-first kinda kid.  He is not afraid to jump into something before thinking twice.  He often gets bumps and bruises because of it, but that doesn’t stop him.  He wants to be fast, quick, and coordinated. 

When L has a goal in mind, he’ll climb over anything (or anyone) to get to it. 

M is more easily distracted.  He notices his surroundings and wants to connect with people and animals.

We love that the boys were born with such different personalities.  Our hope has parents is that we cultivate those personalities and give them room to be who God made them to be. 



  1. What a beautiful set of pix and commentary! It is fascinating watching the unfolding of their minds, interests, and skill development.

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