Posted by: urbanadventurertales | July 7, 2010

I need to record this before I forget!

Time is flying by and the boys are learning so many new things.  I feel like I will forget it all if I don’t stop and record it now!  We had a fabulous time visiting family in LaPorte and enjoying the 4th of July celebrations.  We had a lot of fun at the parade and fireworks. 

(Currently this stupid site is not allowing me to upload photos.  I’m really frustrated!)

But here’s some updates on the boys.  Mostly for my own records, but feel free to read if you’re interested in the phrases of two year olds 🙂


Currently loves the Free Willy movies.  He will ask to watch them all day long.  He pronounces it “Wi-yi” and will ask to “watch” the movie (very politely and insistently) until he gets his way.  He also loves playing with and pointing out “frucks” (trucks) and “fracties” (tractors).  He loves pointing out whenever he sees “wa-yee” (water)- notice a pattern here that he replaces anything ending with an “er” with a “y”? 

He continues to be very social and yet has a strange way of getting other children’s attention.  Oftentimes he will go up to a child and roar like a lion.  He’s also gotten into the habit of throwing dirt at children to get their attention. 

In general, he’s pretty obedient and likes to please us.  He’s more even-tempered than he was as a baby and is very empathetic and caring.  He loves to play chase and also loves to antagonize his brother by taking toys away and running with them.   He’s a pretty good eater and loves “ri-ris” (raisins) and “freats” (treats).  He’s putting 3 words together in sentences now and has an amazing attention span for movies (the boys have gone to the theatre to see Shrek 4 and Toy Story 3 and sat contently through the whole thing).  He’s very strong and athletic and has great balance and climbing skills. 


Lincoln is embodying all that it means to be a 2 year old!  His moods are up and down, he has very strong opinions, is quite bossy, and also quite stubborn!  But also so funny and cute.  He still loves to read, put together puzzles, and build things.  He’s very mechanically minded and methodical about everything having a place and order to doing things.  Whenever playing a game, he always says “I’s turns” (my turn).  He will also tell us he wants something, for instance “juice”.  And we will say, “you want juice, Lincoln?”  and he will say, “okay”. He never says “yes”, it’s always “okay”. 

We never imagined that our laid back baby would turn into such an opinionated toddler!  He certainly likes to have things go his way.  He really loves to play games with daddy and “Kai-Kai” (Malachi).  He’s also started shortening our names to “mom”, “dad”, “GiG”.  He puts several words together now to form his own thoughts.  After we pulled up to our house after a weekend at GiGi’s (my moms) and he said, “No home.  GiGi house.” 

He still has a very keen sense of humor and loves to laugh and play jokes.  He keeps us laughing all the time!



  1. Nice photo of all our “boys.” I hope you’ll be able to post more soon. It was sure a fun and memorable July 4 weekend!

  2. How adorable…I remember that age fondly!!! Isn’t it wonderful to watch them grow and change with each passing day? I loved watching my boys at that age!! You are such a wonderful Mommy…Enjoy them!

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