Posted by: urbanadventurertales | July 12, 2010

I’m a slacker… but will make up for it with good pictures???

I know I’ve been seriously slacking in the blogging department lately!  With working 3 days a week at the hospital and doing an extra 3-4 photo shoots a week, plus working on a new website for my business… and managing to spend time with my husband and children… the blog has taken 9th or 10th priority in my life. 

I *hope* these pictures will make up for my lack of blog-love lately 🙂

1.  I love how excited the boys get to see one another.  If I take one to the store with me, they both run and hug each other as soon as we get home.  Not prompted by us either.  (melt my heart….)


2.  I think one of the greatest joys of sharing the parenthood experience with your spouse is watching the bond he forms with your children (and they with him).  He is their favorite person to play with, always.

3.  What  laughter these two bring me, with their smiles and adventurous personalities.  I tell them daily how lucky I am to be their mom.  Speaking of, this one recently started calling me “mom” instead of mommy.  Since when did he turn into a 6 year old!? 

And when did this one get so long?  Wasn’t he just about the length of daddy’s chest yesterday? 

4.  More and more they are coming up with their own little jokes and games to play.  Sometimes they let us in on them.  Other times, it’s something only they will understand. 



  1. Welcome to the club! Now YOU get to hear non-photog moms talk about how lucky you are to be a “SAHM”…lol

  2. I know whatcha mean…it’s like they (twins) have some secret society that we are only allowed to be invited into at certain times. The rest of the time we are made to wonder what their world really is like!! Enjoy those beautiful boys!!

  3. This post made me smile! 🙂

  4. each pic melted my heart-what handsome boys!!

  5. Love this entry! Love the pix and the commentary! Especially love the subjects of the pix – a whole lot!

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